Collaboration and Leadership Reflection Video


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Collaboration and Leadership Reflection Video

For this assessment, you will create a 5 minute video reflection that addresses either an interprofessional collaboration you experienced or a collaboration case study scenario that you imagine you experienced.

As part of an initiative to build effective collaboration at a site where you work as a nurse, you have been asked to:

  • Reflect on an interprofessional collaborative project.
  • Examine what happened during the collaboration.
  • Identify positive aspects and areas for improvement.
  • Research best practice for interprofessional collaboration.
  • Use lessons learned from your research and experience to create a video reflection (5-10 minutes) that share suggestions for improving interprofessional collaboration that can be shared with leadership and colleagues.


Using Kaltura, record a video (5–10 minutes) where you reflect on an interprofessional collaboration experience, proposing recommendations for how to improve interprofessional collaboration that can be shared with leadership and colleagues. Support these recommendations with references to the literature.

Be sure that your assessment addresses the following criteria. Please study the scoring guide carefully so you will know what is needed for a distinguished score:

  • Reflect on an interdisciplinary collaboration experience, noting ways in which it was successful and unsuccessful in achieving desired outcomes.
    • Explain aspects of the collaboration that helped the team make progress toward relevant goals or outcomes.
    • Explain aspects of the collaboration that could have been improved.
  • Identify how poor collaboration can result in inefficient management of human and financial resources, citing supporting evidence from the literature.
    • Discuss the ways in which the interdisciplinary team did not collaborate effectively.
    • Discuss the negative implications for the human and financial resources of the interdisciplinary team and the organization as a whole.
    • Cite the literature for support.
  • Identify best-practice leadership strategies from the literature that would improve an interdisciplinary team’s ability to achieve its goals, citing at least one author from the literature.
    • Identify at least one leadership best practice or strategy that you believe would improve the team’s ability to achieve their goals.
    • Identify the strategy and its source or author and provide a brief rationale for your choice of strategy.
    • Cite the literature for support.
  • Identify best-practice interdisciplinary collaboration strategies to help a team achieve its goals and work together, citing the work of at least one author.
    • Identify at least one best practice or strategy for interdisciplinary collaboration to help the team achieve its goals and work more effectively together.
    • Identify the strategy, its source, and reasons why you think it will be effective.
  • Communicate in a professional manner, is easily audible, and uses proper grammar. Format reference list in current APA style.

Additional Requirements

  • References: Cite at least 3 professional or scholarly sources of evidence to support the assertions you make in your video. Include additional properly cited references as necessary to support your statements.
  • APA Reference Page: Submit a correctly formatted APA reference page that shows all the sources you used to create and deliver your video.
    • You may wish to refer to the Campus APA Module for more information on applying APA style.
  • Portfolio Prompt: Remember to save the final assessment to your ePortfolio so that you may refer to it as you complete the final Capstone course.

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