BUS 440 final


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Purpose of the Assessment
The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply the theoretical knowledge you have mastered in this competency to work analyzing
a real-world business case study. You will be combining the five forces model, business-level strategy and corporate strategy to
present a comprehensive strategic analysis of a major firm

Submission Artifacts:

● A 2,000 to 3,000 word paper written from the point of view of a professional business analyst providing strategic guidance to a major firm

● A Works Cited in APA 7 format containing the woks cited in your paper.

Submission 1: 2,000 to 3,000 word paper

For this essay, select a major firm that has operations in an industry you’re interested in.

Using research from academic business journal articles, reputable news outlets, think tanks, and other high-quality research
sources, combined with the content from this course, you will develop a strategic analysis and suggest next steps for that firm.

Your essay should have the following sections:

● Introduction

○ Provide a clear introduction to the firm and the challenges they face

● Background

○ Brief and relevant historical background and context for the industry in which the firm operates and the firm’s history

○ Recent challenges and opportunities the firm has faced

○ An evaluation of the firm’s current situation

● Five Forces Analysis of Industry
○ Using the five forces model as a guide, analyze the industry in which the firm is focused. If the firm is focused in
multiple industries, choose an industry important to the firm and of interest to you.

○ Address all five forces in your analysis, and provide advice to the firm based on your findings.

○ Does the five forces model leave anything out? If so, address it here as a limit of or proposed addition to the model.

● Business Strategy

○ Provide detailed analysis of the firm’s current business-level strategy and evaluate that strategy in light of your five
forces analysis of the industry

○ Given industry trends, do you feel they should continue this strategy? What actions should the firm take?

● Corporate Strategy

○ Provide details of the firm’s current and recent historical corporate strategy, and evaluate that strategy in light of your
knowledge of corporate strategy and your analysis of the relevant industry(ies)

○ What is the next corporate-level strategic move this firm should take?

● Conclusion

○ Provide a clear summary of your advice and address any immediate next steps or additional risks/opportunities your
research suggests.

Submission 3: Works Cited

● Using APA 7, include a list of works cited in this paper.

File Logistics:

● Submit your final paper, and works cited as a single document (word, google doc or pdf) following APA 7 style.

● Citations must follow APA 7; all sources must be properly cited.

● The essay must be 2,000 to 3,000 words in length. The list of works cited does not count towards the total words.


Submit your Work

● Your completed final assessment documents should be submitted through the Final Assessment link of your competency.

● Please note, that you can upload multiple files to the Final Assignment link.

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