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Database Final Assessment: Outline & Rubric

You will create a Database in the DBMS of your choosing (recommendation: Microsoft Access), which will include the following
1. A analysis of your database and ER-diagram (minimum 500 words).
2. An ER diagram (using either Chen or Crow’s Foot Notation)
3. A normalized database that includes a minimum of four database tables, two relationships, five queries, the SQL code for your
queries, and three reports.
You will create a database for a retail or service business. The database should allow you to track customers, salespeople, products, and
individual sales (transactions). You will need to begin by creating an ER-diagram. Next, you will create the database with the
associated tables, forms, queries, and reports. Lastly will write an analysis of your database.
 Create an ER diagram of the database that shows each of the tables with their fields listed, relationships between the tables and
any primary or foreign keys for each table.
 Use either Chen or Crow’s Foot Notation.
 You can use any software that allows you to create diagrams / flowcharts (suggestion: https://app.diagrams.net/).
 This should be a separate document and is not part of your analysis.
 Your database should be normalized. You can decide to what degree of normalization you should use.
 Create database with at least four tables
o Your tables should have a primary key as needed.
o You should add at least two relationships.

Database Final Assessment: Outline & Rubric
o Your tables combined should have at least 24 fields.
o The fields should have appropriate names that indicate the relevant table and content of the field.
o The fields should make use of appropriate data types.
o Each table should have at least 10 records.
Submit the SQL code for each of your queries. Your SQL queries should use the following format:
SELECT columns
FROM tables
WHERE conditions
GROUP BY columns
Only the first two lines are required for a query. The other lines need to be added, depending on the type of query.
A query represents a question. A query can get data from one or more tables, existing queries, or combination of the two.
 Create a query that displays all records and fields for one table
 Create a query that displays some records and fields from at least two tables
 Create a query that limits the records that are shown by adding criteria to one or more fields
 Create a query that is sorted by a specific field
 Create a parameter query

Database Final Assessment: Outline & Rubric
 Prepare three reports using the DBMS software with appropriate titles.
 The first report should be based the query that displays all records and fields for one table
 The second report should use grouping and can be based on any query or table.
 The third report should make use of summary statistics such as sum, average, minimum or maximum.
 Prepare an analysis discussing the database design. It should describe the structure of your database and the components you
added. You will also want to include a discussion of which notation style you used in your ER diagram and why and how you
normalized your database and to what degree. Also include an analysis on security concerns and models. Assess what you
believe to be the three top security concerns you would have regarding the database you created. Then, discuss security models
and procedures you would recommend to address these concerns.
 It should be:
o Typed and double-spaced, using 12-point font, with 1-inch margins on all sides.
o Follow APA format.
 Your completed final assessment documents should be submitted through the Final Assessment page of your competency.
 Your submission should include at least three files: an ER diagram, a database file, and an analysis of your database.
 Please note, if your file is larger than 10MB, contact your instructor for directions on how to submit your file.

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