BUS 300 Week 3- Outlining a Press Release


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The following detail list is extensive, out of order, and sometimes redundant, so you must sift through the details and winnow them down to those that are most important.

  • The Georgia prison system is starting a new legal body art pilot program.
  • The Georgia Department of Corrections (GDOC) posted a job opening online for a tattoo artist supervisor.
  • The GDOC is looking for a licensed artist with at least 3 years’ experience.
  • The artist should have a strong, well-rounded tattoo art portfolio.
  • The person taking on the role will oversee the establishment of one or more tattoo parlors in GDOC facilities.
  • The position is temporary but could last up to 3 years.
  • Pay will be between 57,800 and 86,900 per year.
  • The position will be based out of the Logandale prison location.
  • Past experience working in corrections is listed as a preferred qualification on the job listing.
  • Unsanitary tattooing can spread hepatitis and HIV.
  • The aim of the new project is to help stop the transmission of bloodborne disease within the GDOC.
  • Inmates are tattooing themselves as well as each other with unsterilized tools.
  • Currently, tattooing in Georgia prisons is illegal and unsanctioned.
  • The new tattoo parlor will also offer safe, hygienic removal of tattoos.
  • The new program will provide an opportunity for inmates to get tattoos safely in a licensed tattoo studio.
  • Gives inmates new job skills.
  • Inmates create illegal DIY tattoo equipment from small motors and ballpoint pens.
  • Lack of sterilization leads to the spread of Hep C and HIV.
  • Tattooers use the same needle to tattoo multiple people.
  • In a controlled setting, tattooing will be safer.
  • Inmates will be able to book an appointment.
  • The tattoo program would operate like the sanctioned prison barber shops providing an in-demand service, plus it comes with bonus job training.
  • Previously the state tried to delay Hep C treatments until the virus was causing organ damage, but the prisoners sued and won.
  • Gus Castillo is the GDOC Corrections Commissioner.
    • Castillo said, “We can teach a skill and meet a need.”
    • Castillo said, “In the long haul, it is in the state’s best interest for the people who come out of our correctional system to do well.”
    • Castillo said, “The Texas prison system called about this last week. They were intrigued. We heard from prisons all over the U.S. that are interested in learning more about what we’re envisioning and how we’re setting this up. It’s an issue for prisons all over the nation.”
  • Millie Leon is the GDOC spokesperson.
    • Leon said, “Hepatitis C treatment for one individual can cost from $20,000 to $75,000. And 80 to 100 inmates in Georgia are treated for Hep C each year. That’s costing Georgia taxpayers a small fortune.”
    • Leon said in a tweet, “By reducing the potential for transmission of bloodborne diseases, we are creating a safer environment for everyone, including our staff, and also being more prudent with taxpayer dollars.”
    • Leon said, “Former inmates often struggle to find jobs. This will be an opportunity to teach creative, employable skills.”
    • Leon said, “By creating a licensed tattoo establishment in our prisons and offering a path to becoming a licensed tattoo technician we provide another potential employment opportunity upon release for those who participate, with the goal of reducing recidivism.”
  • It is estimated that between 12% and 35% of the US prison population has Hep C.
  • Hep C damages the liver and can be fatal.
  • Hep C is commonly spread through intravenous drug use or unsterilized medical equipment, including used tattoo supplies.
  • The program will reduce recidivism because it creates job opportunities for when inmates leave.
  • The new tattoo supervisor will help inmates develop digital tattoo art portfolios, earn licenses, and provide direction for employment after release.
  • In January 2022, 7511 people were incarcerated in Georgia prisons.
  • Canada also had a tattoo program in 2005:
    • It was short-lived.
    • It was rolled out in 6 federal prisons.
    • The program cost $300k to start and was projected to cost $600k each year to maintain.
    • Canadian conservatives questioned the price tag for the program.
    • The government got rid of the program.
    • The prisons continued instead with education programs teaching inmates about the risks of HIV and Hep C transmitted by reuse of tattoo equipment.
  • We don’t exactly know if these kinds of programs are effective at reducing disease in prisons because there’s limited data. Nobody has given the idea enough of a chance to see if it works.
  • Other prisons will be watching with interest to see if it is successful at reducing disease transmission.
  • If it works, we could see more prisons developing similar programs.
  • Images provided by Millie Leon, GDOC spokesperson.

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