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  • Do you think the study you participated in met ethical standards for research? Explain why or why not. (1 point).
  • Why is it important for participants to be unaware of what the research study is about before participating in the study? That is, why is it important for participants to not know the study design, manipulations, and hypotheses before participating? (1 point).
  • How can researchers make sure that participants don’t know anything about the study before participating? In your answer, explain at least one way that researchers can minimize this type of participant bias. (1 point).
  • In Methods 2 next semester, you will learn about “replication with extension” studies, which is when researchers conduct another study after their study is over that is based on the same basic research question, but might include new variables, different (but related) research questions, or different dependent variables. After participating in this study, what do you think a good follow-up (“replication with extension”) study could be? Specify your own IVs, DVs, and hypotheses here that are related to (though different from) the study you just completed (2 points).
  • The current study will explore Latino emerging adults’ perceptions of mental health-seeking behaviors and appropriate sources of mental health support, along with unique social and cultural factors associated with mental health-seeking behaviors as a means to provide a platform for future research that address critical aspects of the mental health help-seeking process and eventually to the implementation of evidence-based interventions tailored to the specific needs of this population. This project is based on the rationale that racial/ethnic disparities in mental health services in the USA are likely a result of a complex mix of factors that influence individuals’ mental health help-seeking behaviors. For example, for Latino men, cultural norms associated with gender may reduce their perceived need for mental health services compared to Latino women (Breslau et al., 2017; Matud et al., 2020). Furthermore, some authors have found that Latino’s resistance to accessing mental health services is ascribed to factors such as gender role identity, (Arciniegas, 2008; Castillo et al., 2010; Da Silva et al., 2021), Family dynamics (Lorenzo-Blanco et al., 2013), mistrust based on the expectation of being stereotyped, receiving lower-quality care, immigration-related discrimination, and the stigma of undocumented status (Cha et al., 2019). Principal component analysis (PCA) will be used to analyze the quantitative data from 2000 self-identifying Latino college students, to examine the relationship and effect that multilevel social and cultural factors have over participants’ Perceptions of mental health help-seeking behaviors.
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