Answer 7 Questions about Business Process Management


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For this assignment you are to research and answer the list of questions below by summarizing what you find IN YOUR OWN WORDS. For each question you are to:

  • Research the topic using valid sources from the internet and/or library,
  • Summarize the facts and opinions of your research source findings using your own words,
  • Include a paragraph summarizing your conclusions based on your findings,
  • Include a list of references [note: use at least 2 references to answer each question and briefly summarize your findings – it is especially worth noting any disagreements in the literature, in those cases present all interpretations and note their sources].

[Note: You may find a variation of definitions and opinions in the literature. If you do, please attempt to summarize the varying definitions/opinions, note the sources, and then by using these, come up with your own definition/opinion.]


  • Type your answers into a Word document.
  • You may include figures and tables. If they are not created by you, please note the source.
  • References must appear in alphabetical order at the end of each question as follows:

Adams, D., Wagner, G., and Boyer, T. (1983) Computer Information
Systems: An Introduction, Southwestern Publishing: Cincinnati, OH

Smith, E. (June 1995) “Using the Internet”, http://www.acm.orgLinks to an external site.

Liebowitz, J. (1995) Integrating Expert Systems Throughout the
Undergraduate Curriculum. Journal of Information Systems Education, 7 (1) 34-36.

  • Submit your completed Word document


  1. What is a Business Process?
    1. Compare and contrast the categories of processes in an organization (e.g. core, support, management, governance).
    2. Why do you think it is important to categorize processes in this way?
  2. What is Business Process Management? (Define BPM in your own words after finding at least two different sources)
    1. What is a Business Process Management System? (Define BPM in your own words after finding at least two different sources) — make sure you note the difference between a BPM and a BPM system?
  3. Find a case where a company adopted BPM and explain what their motivations were for BPM implementation?
    1. After reading this case how did the organization define BPM? What was the scope of their BPM initiative?

  4. What are the benefits of BPM?
  5. Who are the BPM stakeholders in the Market? (not just vendors, in general categories who/what is the BPM market made up of?)
  6. What do Business Rules and Business Processes have in common?
  7. Read the following statement:

Linda Sharp has come to you for help. Her boss has asked her “what is this BPM hype that I keep hearing about? I don’t understand… it seems to be the same as other concepts that have been around for a long time such as Six Sigma, TQM, Lean Management and others. What is different with BPM? What will it do for me?”

Research these topics and provide an answer for Linda – specifically, answer – What is different about BPM today and why should an organization pursue it?

  1. Use references to support your answer.
  2. Answer using your own words – summarize your findings to develop your own answer to these questions.

Be sure to follow the Assignment Rubric included below.

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