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Students are expected to research a current event topic that is relevant within the past 5 years and present it to the class. Topics must follow the requirements below and grading will be based on the rubrics attached.

Presentation Content Requirements

Cultural or Economic Diversity – The current event should allow the audience to contrast the difference between their life and the one you are presenting. Topics of the current event should follow your personal interests in the EHS field and highlight the environmental or safety and health impacts anywhere in the world influenced by one of the categories below.

  • cultures,
  • poverty or affluence,
  • races,
  • religions,
  • gender,
  • sexuality

If you are an Environmental Management student, please pick from areas in:

  1. Air quality
  2. Water Quality
  3. Hazardous Materials/Waste
  4. Radiological/Nuclear Waste
  5. Solid Waste/Recycling
  6. Current ballot measures affecting San Diego, CA or the US
  7. Changes to regulations, industry standards, or industry practices
  8. Other environmental issues or topics (if you are unsure, email me the topic and article for approval)

If you are an Occupational Safety and Health Management student, please pick from areas in:

  1. Safety in the workplace
  2. Safety Management
  3. Industrial Hygiene topics
  4. Injury and Illness in the workplace
  5. Current ballot measures affecting San Diego, CA or the US
  6. Changes to regulations, industry standards, or industry practices
  7. Other occupational health and safety issues. (if you are unsure, email me the topic and article for approval)

If you are in either program, undecided major or taking this class as an elective, please choose from any EHS topic that you are most interested in. If you are a public health student, please do a topic on public health.

Presentation Format

Create a Pecha Kucha presentation, which consists of 10 – 15 slides, for 20 seconds at a time, recorded with a screen recorder. Your final presentation should be 3 minutes 30 seconds to 5 minutes. An acceptable presentation must include a PowerPoint recorded with a screen recording device and submitted in video formatlike mp4 or a youtube link. To record your screen and audio, you can use the Screen Cast-O-Matic software (click here to link)Links to an external site. for free. To learn more about making a Pecha Kucha video, please refer to the videos below. You must turn in a video, not a PowerPoint presentation.

Pecha Kucha Instruction and Tips:

Formatting the PowerPoint slides for Pecha Kucha

Recording the Pecha Kucha presentation


References – Provide references, in APA format, for your current event article and include any backup articles you used for evidence in your presentation. A minimum of one article must be referenced, but you are encouraged to find three sources for supporting evidence.


  1. Students will create a research strategy to locate and access needed information.
      1. Google should only be used to find topics that interest you. Once you have picked a topic you enjoy, begin doing research on the topic with credible resources.
      2. The Cuyamaca College Library websiteLinks to an external site. is a good place to find credible sources. You are welcome to use community libraries as well. When running searches on your topic, look for peer-reviewed articles.
        1. The librarians at the college will find resources for you if you ask them to. Their contact is on the website homepage. Use this if you need help!!
        2. If multiple sources are used to confirm the validity of the topic, annotations should be written for each source. Please don’t let this discourage you from topics. Annotations are quick to write.

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