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Realignment (AB-109) and Proposition 47 in California

A Critical and Ethical Thinking Assignment in California Criminal Law

(Read and follow all instructions prior to beginning this assignment)


The assignment goal is to assess your knowledge about California’s Prison Realignment (AB-109) and Proposition 47 laws and to have you critically consider the pros, cons, and ethical implications of these two major issues in our state’s criminal justice system. Refer to syllabus and assignment instructions before starting. (Assignment relates to 2.10 – Proposition 47 of the course textbook.)

First, research on the internet both of these pieces of legislation so that you have an idea as to what they involve.

Next, view three podcasts presented on the Web and on You Tube (links provided below).

Take notes as you research and view so that you can address the following 3 prompts. Respond to prompts according to your own understanding and in your own words. (Do not copy & paste from the internet or any sources.)

PROMPTS (3-4 full paragraphed pages)

  1. Describe in your own words what AB 109 and Prop 47 are.
  2. Discuss the goals, benefits, and drawbacks of both legislation.
  3. What has been the effect of both legislation in California and locally?
  4. Should our state revisit and reconsider these to assess their value?

Number of Typed Words

Use black 14pt Times New Roman Font and default 1.0 single spacing.Your paper should be between 1,3002,000 words total. (The number of words typed appears on the lower right of the Rich Content Editor box in Canvas).

Include lots of “white space” by separating groups of sentences into bite-size “chunks” using a double-space between paragraphs. This makes your paper easier to read and digest your paper, rather than having to read through crowded line-after-line of type. (White space gives the reader a chance to take a breath while reading).


Before responding to each prompt, first copy & paste (or type in bold) the prompt into the RCE. Then respond to the prompt immediately below it in regular non-bold type. Do this for each prompt, separately. This will allow you to stay focused on the prompts, and allows me to focus on what you are trying to answer. I assess your responses on how well and complete you respond to the prompts. You must respond to ALL of the prompts.

Answer the prompts in narrative writing, not just a series of short bullet points. Write complete, well-written sentences, using correct English grammar and punctuation. PROOF-READ your paper before you hit the submit button. It should be clear and coherent, and easy to understand. I am looking for a robust and thoughtful discussion on the prompts showing deep thinking, analysis, and reflection, not a quickly-typed paper just to “get by.”

Stay focused on each prompt, making sure you are addressing what is being asked so that you don’t end up going off on some long passionate tangent which doesn’t really answer what is being asked for in the prompts. Double-check to ensure that you’ve addressed the prompts sufficiently after you finish each one.

I’m not looking for a “book report” where you simply go over the film scenes, taking up a lot of your time and typing space that adds nothing to the assignment. I am more interested in knowing how you are synthesizing the various parts of the film and how they relate to your responses. Refer to scene examples only briefly, if needed, in your responses.

Avoid “copying & pasting” responses from the internet, or from previous work done, or from another student, or from anywhere else. (We both know that’s plagiarism.) Do your own work. Stay focused on and answer all of the prompts.

This assignment will be point graded (translates to a letter grade), and along with other assignments, if any, will count toward 25% of your final course grade. There is only one attempt allowed on this assignment.

Video (You Tube) and Audio (Google) Podcasts(Total time for all three: Approximately one hour)

On You Tube: Watch “California’s Proposition 47 Law Explained.” (2:56) to an external site.

On You Tube: Watch “Pros and Cons of California’s Proposition 47.” (5:27) to an external site.

In Google: Listen to KQED’s “California’s Proposition 47 Sentencing Reform.” (51:37)…Links to an external site.

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